Silverado 03+ Leather Seat Covers - Custom Fit



What is Clazzio

Clazzio is a seat cover that goes over the existing seat without removing the original cloth. It is completely different from upholstery replacements, but once it is installed on the seats, nobody can tell that it is a seat cover. Clazzio is the best seat cover for those who…

  • Want to upgrade the seats.
  • Want to protect the new seats.
  • Want to renew the old seats.
  • Want to customize the normal seats.
Clazzio can meet your demands.


Side Airbag

The thread used for Clazzio stitching is specially designed for side airbag. It has been proven that the thread will break in the event of the side airbag deploying.
*Seat cover must be installed properly.



Clazzio draws its strength from the unique design skills and original ideas of our employees. They always make a perfect fit, even to the extent that the finished product doesn't look or feel simply like covers. That is thanks to the high level of sewing skills possessed by our experienced workers.

Easy Installation

Clazzio seat covers are designed so that installation is simple. The seat-cover attaching technique uses Velcro, belts, elastic straps and original plastic hook, depending on the vehicle model. The instruction manual comes complete with detailed photos, allowing you to make a perfect fit on your own.

airbag test 1


Clazzio is made of tough materials, suited for the harsh conditions of a vehicle's interior. The materials are treated with anti-bacterial and anti-odor coatings and highly flame-resistant. Original functions, such as cup holders and tables, can be accommodated. Over 1/2 inch of memory foam is used in the seat section to ensure the comfort even throughout long hours of driving.


 Is Clazzio just a seat cover or upholstery replacement?
Clazzio is a seat cover that goes over the existing seats.

 Can I install it by myself?
Yes, you can install it by yourself by following the step by step instruction manual.

 Do I need to remove the seats for installation?
You do not need to remove the seats, except for rear seats of some vehicles.

 Is it possible to order a custom color, such as two tone or different stitching?
Yes, we can make covers per your request.


 How long does it take for installation?
It usually takes one person about 1 hour to finish.
(This may vary depending on the person and vehicles.) 

 What is included in the kit?
The kit includes seat covers for all seats with headrests and armrests, and instruction manual.

 If I install Clazzio, what will happen to the side impact airbag?
We use thread designed for the side impact airbag. It has been proven that Clazzio does not have any effect on the deployment of the side impact airbag. 





Pricing for the seat covers based on material and amount of seats:

1 row                  

Leather insert        Suede insert          ALL PVC

     $350.00                  $300.00              $250.00

2 row model

Leather insert        Suede insert          ALL PVC

     $550.00                  $460.00              $370.00

3 row model

Leather insert        Suede insert          ALL PVC

     $730.00                 $550.00               $460.00


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